Elka Comfort LayElka Comfort is an acoustic insulation underlay for wooden and laminate flooring. 2. AngelStep® GOLD 8 acoustic underlay. Does the 'Cloud 9' backing paper on the top or bottom? The key to a successful ‘gold underlay’ installation is to make sure the gold foil is facing the right way. The gold vapour barrier stops your floor being damaged by moisture rising up from the sub-floor, whilst it's extra thickness smooths out even sub-floor areas - making your flooring last longer. It can also be used downstairs and upstairs in the home, although we suggest considering a specific acoustic underlay if noise is an issue. If it has a cloth, film or paper backing, this should be laid uppermost. Lay the underlay loosely, rubber side down. Once the underlay is laid out all joints must be taped. The Sonic Gold Excel features a very low thermal resistance (TOG rating of … Underlay Type: PE Foam: Nominal Thickness: 4mm: … Various roll sizes available. The underlay looks great, I can't wait to get it down. Kit list : Windows MCE PC, Windows XP PCs, … Use 6” vertical laps and 4” horizontal laps. 5 years ago. Install Gold side up; Providing a higher performance than our Comfort Silver underlay, the 5mm thickness provides excellent acoustic performance, noise reduction and impact resistance (cushioning to the floor), whilst evening out any subfloor imperfections. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . It can be trimmed with a cutter or sharp knife. It also helps to protect it from moisture. I know I should have put the underlay the other way round but I was wondering whether this merits the long task of taking all the flooring up to flip the underlay. inc VAT. First off, be sure that the surface is clean. I don't even think it was stuck down just cut round and slapped on the floor ! This underlay is ideal for laminate and engineered wood flooring. If laying over cement screed, the joints … Laminate. 1 0. Be sure to lay the underlay the correct way up, if it has a printed side, this should be laid uppermost. Im assuming the foam side goes up and the silver side faces the slab, but it says to overlap the silver stuff and tape it? AngelStep® GOLD8 is a universal acoustic underlay optimised for all types of floors from timber to bamboo, carpet, parquetry, cork and vinyl. This luxurious carpet underlay is the ultimate in quiet underfoot comfort. Not sure if it helps, but i would stick to the genuine Royale Sonic Gold underlay - i've been a fitter for 26 years now and this stuff is the real deal. Thickness: 10mm. Add Comment Cancel reply. 10m². Alternative Products. Carpet is been pulled up on Saturday the 10th. 20dB. The same with the lounge and dining room..it was just cut out and popped stright on to the existing wooden floors . Underlay for laminate … This could be locations such as the kitchen, lounge or conservatory. About The Author. Technical Specs. Real luxury … Use foil side up for solid … Impact Rating. Comfort for your family. D. dobbin Novice Member. Take your comfort level up a notch with Supergreen. 3mm Gold Plus Premium should be rolled onto the floor parallel to the wall, foil side down and at right angles to the direction in which you plan to lay the floor covering. There is underlay for many different requirements such as fibre underlay for carpet to foam underlay which is suitable for wood laminate and carpet. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Tape all joins with single sided waterproof tape and press firmly into place. Selecting a new carpet is exciting. Tog Rating. Pricing negotiable, starting rate $10/m2. Trying to get your underlay flat and inline across the room whilst you move furniture from one side to another is only going to end in a poor job so get it all out of the way before you start. … Which side goes up? Doing renovations so swapping it out. You need an underlay that will provide the underfoot comfort you desire, plus deliver vital support for the … Notify me of new posts by email. This is especially important when your subfloor is made up on concrete. At Burned Alive, run the underlay the opposite way to the position of the planks & tape the gold foil side as this is the DPM you need to secure (use the Barrier Pro X Tape) Foil insulation underlayment is recommended under a metal roof, and in most cases, the shiny side should be facing up, but there's a catch. The underlay should be laid foil side down (essential to ensure maximum resistance to moisture from the subfloor) allowing a 5cm excess of underlay to run up the perimeter wall. Moisture and rot resistant, AngelStep® GOLD4 features a gold aluminium facing foil combined with a high-density sound absorber for superior sound and impact noise reduction. If laying over cement screed, the joints should be … Comparison of Different Types of Underlay For Laminate Flooring. Take a roll or the whole lot. Once the underlay is laid out all joints must be taped. The perfect underlay for any home. Its aluminium gold facing can be used up or down for a variable … The Comfort Lay is a closed-cell Polyethylene Foam underlay that is CFC and HCFC free and also 100% recyclable.As it is a low thermal resistance product it is ideal for use with underfloor heating. Next, give the floor … It can be trimmed with a cutter or sharp knife. Gold Standard is a superior underlay for use with most glue jointed laminate and engineered wood floors. Approximately 73m2. Brand Acoustalay (4) Duralay (2) Klima (2) Roberts (1) Stikatak (1) Tredaire (1) Unbranded (7) Vitrex (4) View All; Pack Size 1 (19) 5 (1) 8 (1) 15 (1) Manufacturer Guarantee (Years) 1 Year Guarantee (14) 2 Year Manufacturer's … The name sums up the feeling you’ll get when you first set foot on it. AngelStep GOLD4 acoustic underlay is primarily designed for ceramic and carpet tiles, but can also be used with solid timber, engineered timber floors, vinyl ‘klip’ planks and underfloor heating systems. On carpet the fluffy side goes down . Performance under pressure - Under pressure, this is an underlay that really performs – able to spring back much better than a typical sponge rubber product – to help your carpet keep that ‘just-fitted’ look.. Keep flooring in its place - PowerWalk Gold has excellent stability to stop movement in your carpet, greatly reducing wear and tear! Before starting to lay the material, take care that the sub floor is even, dry, clean and pressure resistant. If you have doorways and recesses, cut the underlay into and around these spaces. Any one know if its brown side, or plastic side to the floorbaords with cloud 9 underlay I have found 1 discussion when searching the net and they suggested brown paper facing up, but if they are wrong im stuck. 2. Residential Underlay. 0. A gold foil vapour barrier with a 200mm over lap acts as an … This product also offers excellent thermal insulation properties making it ideal for underfloor heating systems. This has be done on the first floor where there are wooden joist and a chipboard subfloor. It can be trimmed with a … View. which i can see IS possible if it is face down, but im checking to be sure... thanks zonga Warmth and thickness – 5mm is the thickest you can go for laminate which means this product will provide the ultimate … Underlay can be added if needed pic also attached. Sit rows of underlay together but don’t overlap them. Laying instructions. With a ultra high density foam core and a flexible top and bottom surface, this 11mm thick underlay is suitable for all luxury and heavy wear domestic applications, has excellent impact sound reduction and thermal insulation properties. Source: Crate and … Also i have double sided tape to go on the floor, now im thiniking i may need a one sided to actually join the pieces on the top rather than underneath? 1.0 tog. Baelea Floorlay 5mm Gold Plus protects from moisture, keeps your floor warmer, and reduces sound. Annie. Many thanks OJ Odd Job, … ROYALE Professional Gold 7mm is ideal for those wanting the best underlay for their flooring. You want your home to be a warm and welcoming environment, but there is also an important decision to be made regarding your carpet’s underlay. FANTASTIC WARMTH FOR LAMINATE UNDERLAY This is the thickest underlay you can … Select installation option – of polyester side facing up/down or foil moisture barrier side facing up/down depending on end result required. Align the underlayment … Before starting to lay the material, take care that the sub floor is even, dry, clean and pressure resistant. You can use a vacuum cleaner … So a polyfoam underlay wasn't used then if this siver foiled underlay was the only thing used ? APPLICATION: For slopes 4:12 and greater FT Gold underlayment is to be installed horizontally (parallel to the eave) with the printed side up using the provided lap lines. QA … WHERE TO BUY CARPET UNDERLAY? Roll size: 15m²Thickness: 5mmRoll Dimensions: 1m x 15mTog Rating: 0.9Noise Reduction: 22db RECOMMENDED ROOMS – KITCHEN, LOUNGE OR CONSERVATORY The sonic gold underlay is best for rooms with laminate or wood flooring. On hardwood the shiny side goes down. Sep 28, 2006 #13 Just bought some of this. High Quality Comfort Gold 4mm Underlay priced per square metre. Next, make sure the floor is completely clean before you start! Might seem a bit of a basic question but which way up do you lay the Cloud 9 Cumulus? To speed up the process of installing a carpet underlay, you can get our Carpet Fitting Kit. Roll Length 15m. Accessories. Underlayment to be installed in shingle lap fashion starting at the bottom edge of the roof deck to ensure that the water runs over the overlaps without getting under the material. sorry getting … Nothing other than this silver foil underlay was used and it was foil side up on the concrete floor. SILENZIA GOLD is part of the Silenzia range of high quality carpet underlays. any tips? It is a high-performance product with a gold foil vapour barrier with a 200mm joint overlap. Wood. Roll Size 27m². Underfloor heating compatible, AngelStep® GOLD8 combines a high-density sound absorber and cross-linked microcellular foam for maximum performance. This product also offers great thermal insulation properties making it ideal for underfloor heating systems. Roll Width 1.8m. ex VAT £ 31.20 £ 3.12 /m². Other benefits of this product is its sound insulating qualities, firm cushioning support and also helps … Unlike competitive underlays AngelStep® GOLD 8 has been engineered as a universal underlay to deliver optimum acoustic performance according to the flooring type. Use carpet tape to join them. Eureka delivers a perfect balance of softness, resilience, comfort and support. In most instances it is much cheaper to buy online where savings can be up to 75% off retail prices. Thickness. Excellent thermal insulation – 2.92 TOG – means your whole room … Available in rolls of 15 square metres, or by the square metre. If you have any installation enquiries, please call our customer service team on 01484 411888. 0800 999 8100 Open 24/7. Professional Gold uses a unique foam formula called AeroFoam which is stronger structure foam cell than other foam underlays on the market. viewfloor More from this Author . Good thermal insulation and sound impact reduction qualities, up to 18db. Roll sizes to suit the 6 attached room dimensions. This easy to fit underlay has a vapour barrier, which aids with the reduction of moisture passing through from your sub floor which can be damaging to laminate flooring. Used by high end professionals and specified in modern architectural buildings where the customer requires the ultimate in sound insulation, heat insulation, and levelling qualities. Sonic Gold Underlay is designed to accommodate for small subfloor imperfections and will ensure the final floor is level. Image Credit. Taping the joins is a good idea and most companies will stock a product suitable for this purpose . Sale . 3mm £ 26.00 £ 2.60 /m². I have some foam underlay with silver one side and foam the other. The Super Gold underlay is perfect for solid wood flooring, here are its top benefits: Moisture protection – the built-in plastic vapour barrier protects against moisture that is up to 75% relative humidity. Roll Size: 4mm x 1m x 15m . The gold side (vapour barrier) is facing upwards whilst the foam layer is on the bottom. With a built-in foil backing plus overlap it is approximately 4mm thick and has a high sound reduction rating of 22 db and a tog value of 0.90 . You can make use of the Carpet Tucker, Utility Knife, and Carpet Stretcher, which allows you to do things faster. Density meter (80 KG/M³) 0%. Roll Size. This prevents it from moving around and cracking or chipping. Floor Preparation. QA TimberTech2 Silver Plus Acoustic Wood/Laminate Underlay . Most underlays have written on them which side go's up but obviously yours doesn't so when you look at the underlay put the side that has the embossed pattern on it down toward the floor the smooth side which may also have a woven backing on it is the side to leave facing up. 4mm Gold Plus should be rolled onto the floor parallel to the wall, foil side down and at right angles to the direction in which you plan to lay the floor covering. Filter (0) Filters Clear all. 4mm Gold Plus should be rolled onto the floor parallel to the wall, foil side down and at right angles to the direction in which you plan to lay the floor covering. Vinyl. The best underlay for laminate flooring is made up of a cushioning material that will keep your laminate in place on your floor. Sonic Gold acoustic underlay offers exceptional performance for comfort, support, and acoustic reduction, over 24db. Sort by. Floating Floor Underlay Foil Side Up Or Down; Laminate Floor Underlay Foil Side Up Or Down; Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related. First, give it a good sweep over to remove any bulky dust and deris and then give it a good vacuuming to remove any smaller dust and objects. Before you can get started, you need to do a series of checks on the area where you’re going to place the carpet underlay. Before starting to lay the material, take care that the sub floor is even, dry, clean and pressure resistant. Made with non-toxic and non-dusting materials this underlay will effectively even out minor floor imperfections. A lot of things need to be considered – colour, design, construction etc. Its extra thickness provides additional support and softness … AS 4288 Classification: Luxury. Each roll of underlay should be closely butted-up. I have also found that the paper seems to part from the underlay where I have cut it. Solid Wood Sale … Pick up only. At the time … This makes it a great product for areas such as the kitchen, conservatory or lounge. Like all foil underlay’s, this product is installed foil side down (sponge side up). Use the knife to trim, so it’s level with the gripper rods. SUITABILITY RATING - ALL DOMESTIC AREAS.