Information and translations of dribble in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. In the process, they might shout terms to their teammates about different strategies or techniques to try. Information and translations of dribbling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Learn these basketball slang terms if you want to sound like a b-ball pro. When you mean to criticize someone else’s speech as stupid or pointless, the word you want is “drivel.” How to use drivel in a sentence. Drop these while you’re watching your team’s power forward put his opposition point … Brick – Slang term for a shot with very little arc that hits the basket and/or backboard really hard. “Dribble” and “drivel” originally meant the same thing: drool. About Matt Bell. Yelling for the ball isn't usually the best option because it tips off the defense that a player is open. ‘Israeli-do-right,’ that just mean hello.” ... Players in a basketball game are intent on throwing the ball through the basket by all the legal means necessary. With Varsity Basketball hitting our courts this month, here’s a quick catch-up on 10 basketball terms you’ll want to know. “First off, ‘talumboutit,’ that just means what’s happening. He can be … Basketball Terms C. Call for the ball – A non-verbal way to show the ball handler a teammate is ready to receive the pass. Definition of dribble in the dictionary. Definition of dribbling in the dictionary. Matt Bell is the author of How They Were Found, a fiction collection forthcoming in Fall 2010 from Keyhole Press, as well as The Collectors, a novella, and How the Broken Lead the Blind, a chapbook of short fiction.He is the editor of The Collagist and a member of the Dzanc Writers in Residence Program. But the two words have become differentiated. Drivel definition is - nonsense. Meaning of dribbling. Meaning of dribble. Find more ways to say dribbling, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the … Asphalt Gods: an Oral History of the Rucker Tournament According to the plaintiff, the competitions in question were launched in 1998 by Game Over founder Eric Hicks, who grew up in the Bronx and learned the dribbling dance moves on the street. Another word for dribbling. dribble (third-person singular simple present dribbles, present participle dribbling, simple past and past participle dribbled) (basketball, soccer) In various ball games, to move (with) the ball, controlling its path by kicking or bouncing it repeatedly; To let saliva drip from the mouth, to drool; To fall in drops or an … Mozzy also took the time to break down the unique, Sacramento slang that he uses. Toss in one behind-the-back-dribble, left to right.