The transmission dipstick on a Malibu 2008 is located towards the front of the engine on the right side (Drivers side) by the car battery; you won’t locate it right away because its view is blocked by the air intake hose, but it’s not hard to squeeze your hand to pull the dipstick without removing the air intake hose. See if the fluid level is within the cross hatched area marked below a "C" (for cold). Then get the transmission fluid to operating temperature. Those of you who think the dealer knows best, all they know is how best to get your money. Many modern vehicles are equipped with a dipstick to check the transmission fluid, but there are other models that do not. In manual transmission vehicles, unusual gear shifts could be a sign of worn clutches, damaged … ☆ [ Easy to Use ]-- This Transmission Fluid Dipstick is for determining fluid level for Mercedes with electronic transmission 722.6. I can't do that trick where you slide the stick across the paper towel either because the stick is like curvy. This can be harder to do on those long dipsticks that bend and turn through the tube. Otherwise, once you reinsert the dipstick, it will come into contact with the thick fluid draining down the tube and give you a false reading. There are other very recent threads that discuss the problem, and offer solutions. Again , check the fluid with the engine running warm making sure to check both sides of the tranmission dipstick , … The vehicles are designed with the dealership in mind to maintain and service the transmission. Clearly marked level indicators allow for easy-to-read measurements. Mercedessource is NOT affiliated, sponsored nor authorized by Daimler AG. For example when I would drive the car around for 16km like the manual book says then I will let it sit for 1 minute and it will say it's very low. Dorman's Auto Trans Dipstick is differentiated by its long-lasting handle. Tundra has no dipstick, but it don't need service until 100K, not 20K. $20.73. 4. TRANSMISSION FLUID DIPSTICK TOOL | for: CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP | W/Instructions + Cap O-ring | auto trans Dealer #s : 8863B, 9336, 42RLE, NAG1, 62TE 2.7 3.5 3.6 3.7 5.7 6.1 6.4 4.5 out of 5 stars 996. 5. 7. mini cooper dipstick hard to read › mini cooper dipstick level › mini cooper dipstick location › mini cooper ... Like many modern automatic transmissions mini has stated the fluid in the 6 speed automatic transmission is good for the life of the vehicle. It's a good idea to take three or four readings to make sure. It does not stay in the car, just used for checking level and then removed. 7. (pan drop and filter change) I got a dorman dipstick (Dorman Transmission Fluid Dipsticks 917-327). Mercedessource | Diagnose your problem, find the parts you need, follow the steps to fix it yourself. Part 1 Older Auto Transmission Service Frustrations: Reading the Dipstick - YouTube. to check your transmission fluid on your honda cr-v find dipstick in the right end of the transmission housing. The fluid must be within the hot cross-hatched area using the lowest level reading. If you have to add fluid, it's wise to have the transmission seals, pan gasket and cooler lines inspected for any visible signs of leaking. Additionally, I have a funnel with a long spout which fits down into the opening where I can pour fluid easily into the trans. 6. Reinsert the dipstick after you have wiped it and upon withdrawing it. There are many varieties of dipstick markings, but all employ the same procedure. When it's hot I can't read it because I keep getting inaccurate readings. Reinsert the dipstick after you have wiped it and upon withdrawing it. (HD) (CC) Hard to read oil level? You'll clearly see when it touches fluid even if the fluid is light, and you can then determine where the fluid level is on the stick. When adding transmission fluid to your Town Car, be sure to add it slowly as it will fill up quickly and is difficult to remove excess fluid if you overfill. This is the Dealer tool for Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge vehicles that originally came without a dipstick. Sometimes you have to look at BOTH sides of the dipstick in order to gauge the level. When you fill it hot, 80c mark is where the top of the pan is. Lokar TD-34L60FM Hi-Tech Firewall Mount Transmission Dipstick for GM 4L60 Transmission: Automotive fluid levels Otherwise, once you reinsert the dipstick, it will come into contact with the thick fluid draining down the tube and give you a false reading. Slipping gears or stains in the driveway can lead to irreversible damage to the transmission if it runs too low on fluid. The transmission fluid on the dipstick should be pinkish and almost clear. Wipe it clean with a rag and reinsert it all the way in. Wipe the indicator clean. Add Fluid - Determine correct fluid type and add fluid. It is either hard to read or the whole end of the dipstick is so wet and can not get an accurate reading. Minor frustration for most of us who service our own transmissions. Specifically designed to check automatic transmission fluid level. Any tips? 6 Posts . If a void or gap shows in the transmission fluid level, the LOWEST reading is the correct reading.