EU COVID-19 Restrictions May Soon Ban UK Travellers, Ticketmaster Data Breach Group Action Open Claim, Pfizer Granted Civil Legal Indemnity in UK for COVID-19 Vaccine, Recalled Food Products: Nestlé Espresso Lattes Contaminated With Cleaning Solution, New COVID-19 Rules Cause Pub Closures and Confusion in Wales, University of Greenwich Data Leak Group Action Open Claim. A year later they’ve started charging me a subscription fee claiming I reactivated my account. Shaw Academy stole £49.99 from me without my authorization. They don’t call on your preferred time and they lie to you! Like me, many enrol coz on their website it says ‘Excellent rating’ plus it’s also 4 week free trial. Do not give your bank details. I disputed the first charge through my credit card and was able to get it refunded because they did not respond, but they had “proof” I did not cancel the second sign up in time even though I had told them that someone was signed up for their services fraudulently using my credit card. And, that I have not downloaded or accessed the course materials in any way. You should also take Shaw Academy off your automatic payments on Paypal so you wont be charged again. Did not order product and keep being billed monthly. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM These actions directly breach Trustpilot’s guidelines and have the potential to mislead customers. 2 and half weeks later got a phone call from a “guidance tutor” offering me free course material and certificates for a full year which I said yes. For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. Absolutely avoid Shaw Academy Absolutely avoid Shaw Academy. Shaw Academy is breaking GDPR legal requirements when it ignored customer's request to cancel their account, delete their personal data and issue refund to them. They now refuse to refund because they accuse me of cancelling too late. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! Refused refund after unauthorised payment taken I have signed up for a 4 week trial with Shaw Academy. I agreed to a .55 cent charge for a 3 day trial nothing else i told them a few days later when They.called that i was not interested and i could not afford it are not authorized to charge my card so stop they said ok and they have co ti ued to try and charge my account 99$ several times 49$ several times.they say there in new Hampshire but there is no phone number to contact them k nust have to answer when they call i guess but this is making my finacial situation way more difficult and all the time spent tryi gto fix this .and how bad it looms to have these charges on my account it looks like im trying to use my card and so.eti es when i dont have mo ey so they get declined then the bank dosent trust me i do t like it .i dont like how this school is makin me look as a person to a business and that business being my financial institute I bank with.I have even went as far as cancelling my card and orderi g a new one a d reported there transactions and they still have ahold of my account without my authorization BC i gave no authorization for anything but a .55 cent trial i cancelled so why are they able to access my personal finacial account they are not authorized to access my info but yet theh are still a le to get it and no matter what run my card they have got to be. They are constantly taking money out of my account every month without my permission. '> The starter pack is only for your first module. Not a trustworthy company at all!!! Well it was fairly easy for me. Contact Shaw Academy for assistance and support with your account, education or any other inquiries. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, [gravityform id="642" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=CA"],

the content you have visited before, Advertising: Gather personally identifiable information such as name and location, Advertising: Use information for tailored advertising with third parties, Advertising: Allow you to connect to social sites, Advertising: Identify device you are using. Shaw Academy is breaking GDPR legal requirements when it ignored customer's request to cancel their account, delete their personal data and issue refund to them. Our Partners. After she posted a negative review on Trustpilot a couple of days later, Shaw Academy emailed to say her refund would arrive shortly. It has been over 2 business days and now the Shaw Academy is completely ignoring me- they will do this in hope that you stop chasing your money. I guess that website is not very reliable.