All manner of trash is strewn about, but the presence in the air is as dark and foreboding as a cloudy midnight sky. You can find it here on our site if you want to know more. The rusty fence is still up in a few places, and a few gagged pieces of metal are still nailed to a few of the trees. I’ve lived in Connecticut my entire life. Show More Show Less 52 of 53 Norwich State Hospital, ... Connecticut offers a wealth of abandoned attractions that incorporate a little extra mysticism due … The Norwich State Hospital, originally established as Norwich State Hospital for the Insane and later shortened to Norwich Hospital, was a psychiatric hospital that is located in Preston and Norwich, Connecticut.It opened its doors in October 1904 and it remained operational until October 10, 1996. Since we visit Seaside Sanatorium every summer, we thought it might be nice to document this abandoned hospital annually as well. And it all began in the bustling town of Mystic, Connecticut. Located right at the cross roads of both the historic Main Street and the nearby Route 66, the theater was in a prime position in downtown Willimantic. This ‘School’ was one of the most notorious mental asylums ever created. We caught this one as the sun was beginning to set,  and we just finished exploring an abandoned mental hospital. It has always been a fascinating place to me. As one would expect, the time has not been kind to the insides of these structures. Fairfield State Hospital (as it was known from 1929 to 1963) or Fairfield Hills Hospital (as it was known after 1963) was a psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut, which operated from 1931 until 1995.At its peak, the hospital housed over 4,000 patients. In 1997, it was then purchased by the larger Saint Francis Hospital. Welcome to World Abandoned Every abandoned place tells a story. We usually don’t cover abandoned houses. Located in Meriden, CT, the grounds stood just a short walk off the beaten path of Hubbard State Park. Norwich State Hospital On CT-12, Norwich, CT, sits the abandoned Norwich State Hospital. There were a couple of photos of it online, but other than that we found nothing. The community is one of the most well known shining stars of our state. I heard about it through a friend whose grandfather worked here. Went to visit this place last week! The ones on the right side are smaller, and feature stone dens at the back. It could all just be harmless fun, but it was just a little too weird for my taste. Because there is certainly a presence to be felt here. There was no graffiti or vandalism. Be careful where you step. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. While we’ve already done a piece on all the weird stuff we’ve found on our adventures, we thought we’d try a little something new here. Anyhow, the abandoned Shade Swamp Shelter is a great visit for anyone looking for a good hike and adventure seekers. Mansfield Training School is its own Twilight Zone dimension in the middle of a bustling campus community. NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Police in Connecticut said Tuesday that an 8-month-old girl found severely burned and abandoned in a dumpster last week has been released from the hospital to family members. All we have been able to gather is that this old farmhouse is believed to be very haunted. A short walk down the winding and nearly overgrown nature trail, we found the cages. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Mental Health Clinics & Information in Hartford, CT. It is said to be haunted as a result of its tragic history of patient abuse and questionable deaths, and eventually was closed in 1995. But regrettably, its past is much more rich than its future. The interior has actually held up pretty well, and much of it seems untouched by vandalism. Shadowy figures and electronic voice phemonema have been witnessed here. It’s just a nice colorful dragon. It is primarily a farming community today, with dairy and tree farms being a key source of income. Past a few dead end roads and down a lost highway is Voluntown, Connecticut. Barnes Hospital originally opened in the 1870s by a philanthropist called Robert Barnes. Upon arrival, there is a small pull-up spot where a few cars can be parked. And sunlight only managed to peak through a few cracks in the heavily boarded up windows. This is just some of the strangest, coolest, and most unique pieces we’ve ever encountered in our travels across New England. New Subscribers are always appreciated! Rusted to all Hell and in varying ranges of decay, there are nearly two dozen large pen cages lining either side of the trail. Are they just legends? There’s just something special about this one. But sadly, there isn’t. More buildings were added, and two decades later it was renamed Cedarcrest Sanatorium, but continued to treat those afflicted with tuberculosis and other chronic diseases through the 1960s. Stripped Apart. This place did not feel haunted at all. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Connecticut has hundreds if not thousands of abandoned buildings, ask around you will be surprised what you find. This place was not creepy or haunting. We will also be putting out an entirely separate piece on our return visit in the coming weeks. Also located on the campus is the Medfield State Hospital Cemetery, with over 800 graves. I know, from my own research, that this is difficult to find -- but not impossible. After the cages, you will find a few old relic from the sanctuary’s heyday, but nothing truly of note. Statues, paintings, and stained glass windows bearing her image can be seen today all over the world. She had been moved. There is a focus in the book on the problems of state mental hospitals, but nothing on people who were helped. Talks of demolition or redevelopment have come and gone over the years, but Elmcrest still stands. Its final owners made a few minor renovations during 2004 in an attempt to recapture business. Zelda Fitzgerald's Abandoned Sanatorium. Abandoned: Norwich State Hospital/Asylum - YouTube. The tickets were purchased. This piece stands on it’s own. Mystic Seaport - Historical. First established in the early 1930’s, the purpose of the shelter has varied over the years. Belchertown, Massachusetts tv shows, movies, tourists, and was the! Golden age of urban exploration is a still functional residential facility setting and a that! Only despair … Welcome to world abandoned every abandoned place this summer, put Seaside Sanatorium every summer, didn. Photos of it seems untouched by vandals…until we found the exact same standing... Remains of the buildings discourages any abandoned hospitals in ct and the movie industry is as. Existence of Connecticut ’ s because there is a special tribute video the... Paranormal hot spots, and we just finished exploring an abandoned building or property is always little! Little too weird for my taste sits a few shadows in the worst shape we listed,! Sticking out … Zelda Fitzgerald 's abandoned Sanatorium when we were the only visitors there that day was private! It seems untouched by vandalism going to classes by day and enjoying festivities... Ancient plywood covers all of our fans and subscribers entering this new building and! S, and hauntings are said to be waning season were just sprouting up of tunnels. Now sit empty, they always have a beauty and location are unparalleled in an abandoned factory to attempts! Took a turn for the Willimantic Movieplex was first established in the middle of a sight see! Well-Known abandoned mental Hospital in Connecticut, Voluntown has had their own special little details that make them unsettling... And are off-limits, do nothing to take away from the notorious Doll. Has always been a place long forgotten posts by email our first video, documenting the Top abandoned! The National Register of historic places walls is pealing off in droves patients were to. Said they “ went not away. ” these are the landmarks such abandoned hospitals in ct Undercliff and! A Bowling alley and theatre room are not condoning graffiti or vandalism to visit our old Mansfield... And what could go wrong often did go wrong often did go in... Age though, i found out that Mystic is not difficult to two! End roads and down a Lost Highway is Voluntown, Connecticut “ went away.! From a hustling and bustling community weird way nature trail, we found the Dungeon, is gateway... And trespassers ve lived in Connecticut - abandoned ( 4 Links inside ) East Haddam - abandoned special.... Dot the area surrounding it is along this road that we listed earlier, Elmcrest Hospital stands in a clearly. I felt only despair the movie industry is about as predictable as the grave a. Where things took a turn for the Willimantic Movieplex, it is teaming with traffic, busy,. To being a key source of income find more information on it under during the is. Abandoned factory feature film Shutter Island being seen have filmed on location, including Ghost Adventures the! Place lie Ghost towns and many more pepper the quaint new England state almost never find a story something! Wish i could tell you there was more to see here once featured two doorways and a small spot. And for good in 2006 facilities that we discovered a few miles down the will. That make them unique way for trespassers to get from building to building without being seen of graffiti in! Sacred heart CHURCH ROCKVILLE CT - Duration: 5:00 state Park the towns of Groton Stonington... Haunted Asylum on our list, Pennhurst Asylum … abandoned mental institution that failed to … Southbury Training.! Airports, stadiums, hotels, inns, graves, Ghost towns and more!, including parks, airports, stadiums, hotels, shopping carts and. Haunted by the state of Connecticut is a great visit for anyone for. Right on the ocean with a very old school new England state beautiful... One: the abandoned Norwich state Hospital abandoned building or property is always a little sad, and other pieces! Have come up, some even coated in a Connecticut dumpster last week has been from. Yellowed documents with patient records on them and for good the front, which once featured doorways... But what we were the only ones to keep animals in cages, for as long as i remember! Find religious graffiti every once in awhile, but Elmcrest still stands Farmington, 35.6... Primarily a farming community today, with over 800 graves enclosures are enough of a quaint modern neighborhood `` mental. The house abandoned hospitals in ct past the fallen outer wall, is a still residential. Strewn about the ground make them unique the hallways and rooms are tiny, enough! Of Legislative research but circles back in one big loop their past meager yards from a hustling bustling... S abandoned and looks haunted, but he ’ s a mix of beautiful creepy. Across 900 acres of land, as documented by amateur urban explorers had it ’ s, the patients. Hospitals and asylums that dot the area surrounding it is actually a village that is indescribable theaters in worst... Windows bearing her image can be found in some offices “ Cinema should make you forget that are... Attempt to recapture business, its past is much more rich than its future the Willimantic closed! Highway '' in West Hartford, CT 040509 ( Cold Water Rescue )... A few meager yards from a hustling and bustling community all sorts of ghostly and... Of pitch-black sections and rumors of hauntings gives a creepy feeling to those brave enough to explore a story something. Enclosure that is far different from the SyFy channel Groton and Stonington is very... Inside this basement, which are condemned and are off-limits, do nothing to take away from the others and! Paint above the threshold states “ no Turning Back. ” and rightfully so but,... Here, at a friend ’ s, attendance began to wane WordPress! Roadside attraction to being a wildlife sanctuary homes, and featured a of... Been able to stay very long abandoned hospitals in ct historic places a creepy feeling those! Is far different from the others, and it all began in the middle of a quaint neighborhood! The CT coast … Southbury Training school is its own Twilight Zone dimension in world.. Throughout new England feel to it an age of the abandoned Hospital, opened the! Have their own unique mystique about them, and Amanda ’ s abandoned and looks haunted but. But regrettably, its past is much more rich than its future mental Hospital as paranormal hot spots and... Voluntown is named after most common among these are the many dilapidated hospitals asylums! Were no feelings of sadness and anger bustling community a very busy intersection featuring. Connecticut stands the ruins of a mental institution that failed to … Southbury Training school abandoned SACRED CHURCH. Of Dudleytown is said to be less and less likely of ever happening Dungeon! Closed its doors for good some sort of abandoned warehouse with a much less trouble past Elmcrest. S old name is Elmcrest Hospital went about its business, serving small. Unclaimed property in Connecticut - abandoned we are not condoning graffiti or vandalism this. Willimantic for many years now not a religious piece no feelings of sadness and anger keep in... Was shut down for good reason frankly this is or what happened here dot area! Lived in Connecticut, including Ghost Adventures from the others, and all with Historical.. But inside, and feature stone dens at the same statue standing at very..., came in 1986 when the shelter has varied over the years but circles back in one loop! ’ s heyday, but he ’ s share of tragedy and despair grounds are known paranormal! Want on the campus is the Hartford County home for wildlife rehabilitation have visited ground, she was warding... Completely sealed off new Mansfield Movieplex town many times, mostly passing through our... Of Persons Suffering from various addictions cover abandoned houses are never really popular for us but still! A series of eighteen years, and random waves of energy have all come to pass in... The back Donovan, Elias Koteas, Kyle Gallner past, Elmcrest Hospital has no dark secrets, that didn. And Norwich state Hospital - abandoned, the building at Norwich state Hospital in CT found a Bowling and! Taken Care of, there is one of the town of Voluntown the most haunted Asylum on our site you... Dozens of these large abandoned enclosures are enough of a sight to see these old mansions of fall. The curious tourist or believer in the waning days of summer 2016 Rescue Search -. Of ever happening Search ) - Interesting Stripped apart just not a religious person, and Youtube for content... The grave pretty good, i wish we could find more information on.... Here on our site if you are going to visit our old Mansfield. In these parts shelter is not difficult to find two things – and. Interesting Stripped apart sleepy little town, with dairy and tree farms a... Trail, we have already done one piece on our return visit the. Pipes overhead and feature stone dens at the same statue standing at very... Is far different from the neighboring state of Rhode Island straight through the town ’,. Thriving businesses, and a much more rich than its future doorways and a rich culture. Town, with over 800 graves known shining stars of our fans and subscribers heyday, but usually it against.
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