My main interests are golf, indoor cricket and netball; I am the team captain of The Sapphires and I have participated in shotput at a national level. ... Sharon Strzelecki's Latest Masterwork Is This Dance Party With Aussie Healthcare Guns. I've put my career on hold. Hello my name's Sharon Karen Strzelecki. I have a wide variety of sports uniforms (summer and winter) which make up my entire wardrobe. A great memorable quote from the Da Kath & Kim Code movie on - Sharon Strzelecki: That's it, Kim! Szubanski had reprised her role of Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim in a TV ad, playing netball on her own and wearing a face mask in a bid to encourage people to follow health advice. Surely it calls for some BBQ Shapes and a bottle of Baileys. Sharon Strzelecki, the iconic netball fanatic from cult classic Kath and Kim, has featured in a new advertising campaign being rolled out by the Victorian Government. An honorary netball team who just bloody love Kath & Kim, and the shows best character, the Magda Szubanski-created Sharon Strzelecki. It’s hard to imagine today, when the sports-mad, injury-prone netballer is a single gal rather desperately lookin’ for love. The sports tragic teamed up with healthcare workers from around Australia for the video set to Soft Cell’s song, Tainted Love . Wedding preparations for Kath and Kel's big day are well underway. I could have been anything if I'd had the talent. Sharon Strzelecki: married, with a baby. Sharon Strzelecki has released a special isolation dance video. Kel puts his skills as a fine purveyor of meat to the test as he begins to design a commemorative sausage for the connubials. Um, AHEM – I’m only part of the most famous netball team on the internet, The Sharon Strzeleckis. A new Uber Eats commercial starring Kim Kardashian and Sharon Strzelecki (aka Magda Szubanski) has been hailed as a "masterpiece". I'm not putting up with any more of your abuse. I've had enough! Sport is the third episode of Season 1. I've done everything for you. But instead, I have come around to your house every single day and been your escape goat. Australia’s favourite netball player Sharon Strzelecki has busted out her best moves to celebrate the nation’s healthcare workers in a uniquely enthusiastic iso song and dance routine. Kim, you listen to Sharon alright, I’ve been in 29 netball premierships, I’ve played indoor cricket in four states and I’ve shot putted at a national level now I think I know what I’m talking about alright, and the sooner you realise that all men are bastards and develop an interest in sport the happier you’ll be. The episode first aired on May 30, 2002.
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